Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Wishing upon stars.

This has definitely been a couple of “wow” weeks.  So much living here at the lake!

But first, a moment.  The beautiful white columbine, which I was worried about, has succumbed  making it about 0 to 10 at bats for columbine.  I’m leaving it in the ground, and watering it just like it’s still got a chance, but, I am not hopeful.
So the big report, however, is our vacation to Disney World with all five grandchildren and their parents.  Our son and his wife weren’t able to make this one;  we missed them.  We did have the best grandparent time of our lives to date, however.  Outside of each of their births, I guess.
I haven’t posted many pictures as there are just too many to choose from, and could never decide.  Even the “bad” pictures have worth so, even though I have tried to delete some, I just can’t yet.  Maybe in a few weeks. Besides, I haven’t seen them all yet! Each picture I look at, believe me, is special in such a profound way.  You understand if you are my age, and can look in those sweet, trusting, believing, honest faces.  My goodness.
I know people who have never visited Disney, don’t like Disney, don’t ever intend on visiting Disney.  I get it.  It’s expensive, it is over the top in Disney-dom, it is not for them.  Their hearts and minds don’t “go” there.  But, for us, our hearts and minds do indeed go full on Disney albeit mild mannered.  I may never be able to totally express how I felt all of last week, even with some cranky times, some difference in parenting styles, some desires for one type of food or another left unanswered, the heat, the rain…whatever those small shortcomings it was still the best time.  Thank you to my middle child, the wonderful mother of 3, who tackled our trip planning with determination and provided us a delightful experience.  You could not have done a better job.  Except for the suitcase incident, of course.  To the youngest daughter, who saw Disney through the eyes of her kids for the first time…I know it was great for you,and a big stretch to your budget, but, yay! We did it!

Returning after the ten days of being gone, with much yard work, the deck to finish, the plants that haven’t even made it in to the ground yet, the interior painting, and when will the kitchen cabinets get hardware? ~ it seems like a dream.  Magic, just like ol’ Walt wanted it.  Thanks Disney, for the memories.  

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