Thursday, April 20, 2017

Get out there.

You may remember that a while ago my niece and nephew gave us a bench they no longer needed at their home, and it went great on the porch of my little shed.  I have spent a fair amount of time on that little bench.  It gives a great view of the yard and lakeshore and a nice rest when I am working on the plantings around the shed.
I cannot say enough wonderful things about the shed, or the bench, honestly.  They are both about as perfect as they come…with the exception of electricity, which is on the plan, just not done yet.  The bench has become my resting place after strolling the yard with little dog each morning.  Not going to lie, a habit that was broken over the winter and it has taken me a little while to get back to it, but, walking the yard with the little dog is a great joy.

However, getting up and getting dressed is HARD.  Putting on shoes, or boots, and deciding on a jacket or not, finding my favorite Tervis, finding my phone in case there happens to be a good picture along the way, heating the coffee that hubs left or making a new pot so I can have it with me…I know. I sound like a big ol’ slob, but, guys, I’m getting old and way too sedentary for a healthy retirement. I am working on it, really.  
There is always a reward when I get it together, however, and get out there.  I am always so pleased over some small thing.  A bird I heard, the swans on the lake always thrill me, a flower or plant that I didn’t think would make it, in bloom.  My favorite is days like today after a rain in overnight or very early.  Things are slightly wet, green and refreshed. Just the sky, the sounds, the water, the smells…all of it, a reward.
Today, bright pink blooms on an azalea did it.  Bright pink, forever pink…and a hosta I was nervous about is poked up through the ground.  Now, some of you may say a hosta is about the easiest thing to grow there is, and it’s true, but the soil in the moon garden is some serious junk.  This white leafed hosta was slow to start but it is up, it is unfurling and I think will be okay.

The opportunity to sit on the bench, or to walk along my trail to nowhere, or stop a moment to listen.  Life’s rewards. 

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